With Your Own Eyes

How can I write
about inherent limitations
of human logic
using the pen of reason
and speaking to the mind’s eye?
Blind fool!
You have to see it
with your own eyes.

With Your Own Eyes

Tell me what you can’t see.

the subtle workings of leech metabolism
machinations of the human brain
the graceful roll of hilly fields
and a soaring eagle in the pouring rain

What is it that your mind can’t see?

the swift and blinding flash of lightening
pressure fronts – high and low
the way plants create clean air from sunlight
and river rapids that endlessly flow

Is your mind blind?

the purity of light in a baby’s eyes
a mother’s untainted affection
the euphoria of spiritual transcendence
and the extent of providential perfection

The mind is cloudy. Open your eyes.

the miracle of brotherly love
unsolved mysteries and the unexplained force
the curious way that the planets align
and the trajectory of your life’s course

Tell me what your eyes see.

this world has the signature of its Maker
and though the mind likes to argue
that it is an evolutionary production
a probability reduction
a fluke of chance
a circumstance
a happenstanceā€¦
the clever world collector knows
that there’s never been another

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