We Are the Aliens

The human obsession with things extraterrestrial has waxed and waned over the years, the constant companion of ideological upheaval and theological hegemony. In the 20th Century, with the discovery of what looked like planets orbiting distant sun-like stars, the search for ET took off in earnest. But the subsequent Moon and Mars missions, and extensive radio telescope surveys, turned up little to suggest signs of extraterrestrial life, relegating alien theories, for the most part, to science fiction.
Most science fiction about aliens depicts the extraterrestrials as a foreign population of humanoids or semi-humanoids, who often look different, and are bent on conquering earth. This, to me, seems like an accurate depiction of the Jews. For centuries they’ve been telling us we don’t belong, that we look funny, that we’re a different species, and that we’re conspiring to take over the world. I think they’re right.
The Soul, which is who we really are in essence, is not of this world; not only is it from a different world, but from a completely different, spiritual dimension. It’s completely alien, and actually finds the physical reality it is forced to endure quite repulsive. But the Soul has a mission: To conquer this physical reality, harnessing the passions and possibilities it contains for a higher purpose.
Humanity is obsessed with the search for aliens because we’re looking for ourselves – a primal aspect of ourselves that has gotten lost in the over-regulated and gentrified mode of existence we have trapped ourselves into. In our quest to become civilized, we have lost our humanity; we have gradually become out of touch with our primal purpose as aliens, and the mission for which we exist. The infinite possibilities and anarchic undertones of space exploration suggest an existence where humans can pursue a purposeful existence free from corporate and political manipulations. Perhaps that’s why Star Trek, Star Wars and the other popular extraterrestrial sci-fi experiences are so attractive. Like the old Westerns, they feature brave individuals who are willing to venture into an unknown and untamed landscape, and write their own rules to impose their vision on a wild frontier.
Fortunately, we don’t have to travel light years to experience this freedom. The real frontier consists of the human heart and mind. Since we are aliens, we are not tied down to any superficially imposed reality created by mere earthlings. We can toss off that yoke anytime we want, and boldly go where no human has gone before. Because a person’s existential self is where his or her thoughts are; you could be trapped in a dark pit and be utterly free, or you could be on top of the world and be utterly trapped. It’s up to you.

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