Rewriting the Past and Future

The past has passed;
the future is not yet;
the present is a fleeting moment.
So why worry?
– Avraham Ibn Ezra, 11th Century philosopher and poet

The Past Has Passed

Clearly, we are living in incredibly different times. The changes that have rocked the earth in the past century, the war, political upheavals and the advances in communication and other technology, have revolutionaized life for every individual on the planet. On a personal level also, I am hardly the same person I was five years ago, or even fifteen minutes ago…

The Future is Not Yet

No one can know what will be until it will be. Even though we can see the changes taking place, we cannot know what their implications will be; perhaps we can see what is on the horizon, but not beyond it. And even the things we feel we can see clearly, in truth we are gazing as if through a keyhole – with a limited perspective and a vast landscape that is completely unknown…

The Present is a Fleeting Moment

And as we continue to move forward, the world of today is certain to be almost unrecognizable by tomorrow. We are forced to experience life as if on a perpetual roller coaster, with each twist and turn and loop blending into the next and the world around us passing by in a blur…

So Why Worry?

There are many ways to read this question.

I prefer to read it rhetorically, because the truth is that we do worry about all three. We worry about how the past has affected us and when it will catch up with us, and we worry about what the future will bring. And in the final analysis we come to recognize that the only dimension that we can do anything about, the only time we have any power to change, is in the present – yet it passes with the bat of an eye. So what are we to do?

Do anything but worry. The present passes fleetingly, but within each minute fragment of time lies immense potential that can alter both the past and the future. With every millisecond, past and future can be rewritten with a simple deed, word or even thought. Worrying, therefore, is time wasted – present, as well as past and future.

Our Souls wait for hundreds, if not thousands, of years to come into this world to experience the opportunity of the fleeting present. So, what are we waiting for?

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