Love Life

am i alive
how can i tell

is not a true sign
merely the passage of air
through mechanical ventricles

chasing away death
or pursuing it
is not the answer
what i am not does not define what i am

seeking greatness
is a pathetic illusion
for if i exist for i
is anything as lifelessly grotesque

oozing silent compassion
for unfortunate victims
useless – like spit of a forest fire
the arrogance of the dead

hearing the voice of G-d
but not cries of trapped children
as if there is a difference
numb insensitive ignorance

redemption in reason
extinguishes the flaming soul
leaving the mind
a hollow tomb of hallowed consciousness

love is the answer
but do not search for love… love.
(love is an active verb)

do not look for signs of life… live.

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