Live Art

Which artistic medium is the most profound?

a musician:
there is no medium that communicates what is beyond the senses like the harmony and pure transcendence of music.

a painter:there is no craft that captures the subtleties of spirit and emotion like the inimitable brushstrokes on a canvas.

a photographer: there is no form that redefines the perceived reality more sharply than the thoughtful composition, contrast and focus of the camera’s lens.

a dancer:there is no skill that reveals the hidden passion and fire of the soul like the coordinated steps of graceful movement

a poet: there is no way to speak the truth like the clarity and vision of the written word.
in truth…

there is no greater medium for exploration and self expression than that offered by the blank canvas of a new day;

there is no more refined a craft that delves into the subliminal and the ethereal than our daily interactions;

there is no better form of discerning honesty than the way one process what is absorbed by the eye;

there is no greater indication of real spiritual living than dancing through life;

there is no more apt way to tell the truth than by living it every day.

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