Disembodied Souls

Disembodied souls run naked screaming through the night but no one hears them save for the disenfranchised displaced persecuted poverty stricken righteous bandits living on the fringe of a four cornered blanket designed to harness the wild energy in the breeze but instead it is nailed down tight over the window lest some light shine through and the calm veil be lifted (heaven forefend) drowning out the sound of the tortured earth howling madly in the night while the rich sit gracefully and devour their neighbors’ children on fine china slicing through their veins with sterling silver knives sipping their blood in crystal glasses fit for kings who abandoned this world long ago without stopping to consider the injustice without wanting to consider the consequences without thinking about their own purpose the elegant transience of life or the infinite dimension called kindness without even realizing that tomorrow they could be someone else’s dinner if destiny’s tide shifts by even one eyelash and blinks at the wrong moment but blindness is more convenient when entire industries are working day and night to provide an endless stream of distractions awkward silence becomes your rallying cry and there are no tears when you choose to hang upside-down in a world of illusions rather than stand upright in a world of truth from which you can run we all run we try to outrun it but deep inside you know even though you deny it with every thought with every breath with every action you rebel against it but still deep inside you know the truth and you know that this is all a lie yet you keep running hoping to outrun it but in the end you can run all you want but it is still there and you can’t hide from the truth that is within you no matter how uncomfortable it makes you feel no matter how much it hurts no matter how mad it makes you it is the truth within that screams and kicks and tells you that something is wrong something is very very wrong that this is not the way it’s supposed to be that you are dreaming and that you will die dreaming if you don’t wake up open your eyes look into your self and into every one around you and start loving.

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