Infinite energy flows into the world from above yet we galavant around risking eternity in order to taste some half eaten half rotten fruits leaving no time for the many questions that need to be asked so we try to find another way out but the only way is in tune with the pulsating energy that continuously flows if only we were tuned in to the right frequency we could harness it and ride the wavelength and flow with it and make things beautiful make things right not just for ourselves but for all existence and retroactively rectify and justify all the pain and darkness and confusion of history but we’re too distracted by the constant stream of colloquial collisions of formidable function to give credence the subtle yet obviously eloquent form that precedes them so we dance around the fire of the heart oblivious to its warmth and we barely even know it’s there or feel it at all until a freak of circumstance causes us to mess our routine or miss a step or lose our balance or knocks us over altogether out of illusion and we stumble touch the fire for a moment and scream out in fear of burning desire to taste the fire but the fire does not harm the burning heart is beating and we seek a drumbeat to blame it on so we can elegantly or clumsily resume the dance that keeps us moving nowhere fast but we’ve had enough and though it’s dark we know the way because we’ve been here before we’ve been through this before a thousand times over many lifetimes ago tired bones and all and we know the only way to end this twisted dance is to appreciate the irony understand the purpose sense the humor and embrace the fire let go of egocentric self-defeating dystopian fear-driven operating systems forgo convention and enter a different dimension of distinctly utopian plantations of love roots and honeycomb fields of geometric interaction that make perfect sense even when they don’t quite fit the plan to look ahead move forward optimize our optimism think good and it becomes good because through will alone the landscape and the timescape alter and become the altar upon which we party and the spirit soars and the goodness we attract with our minds like a fine magnet flows through us and emanates exponentially from there into a compassionate universe created by these very thoughts we’re having right now.

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