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Got Time?

There may soon come a day when humanity makes the unimaginable technological advancement that will enable us to produce time. Today, we exert the vast majority of our energy to get the mundane things – work, finances, chores – out of the way, in order to makeroom for important things – family, friends, study, meaning, […]

Blame it on the Moon

There are situations of such twisted and inexplicable darkness, and we want to know why. Why? Why now? Why ever? It would be so much simpler if we knew where to place the blame. As if blaming makes sense of it. A sick man kills and dismembers a little boy within his own community. A […]

Why We’re Not Immortal (Yet)

Everything that exists in the world has a spiritual source from which it stems. Every corporeal being has a metaphysical source; every physical effect has both a physical and an ethereal cause. In medicine, the first step to curing a disease is to determine how it developed. By determining the root cause of the illness, […]

Metamorphosis: The Nature of Change

I used to think that the Messianic era was all about spiritual utopia. No more material worries. We’ll all be free to pursue knowledge, peace, love, happiness and all the other good things. As Maimonides writes, the entire world will be busy with the awareness of the Creator, and there will be no competition or […]

The Feminine Era

Women are the barometers of existence. At the exodus from Egypt, at the flourishing of Jewish scholarship in the time of the Second Temple, at the nexus of the Jewish spiritual renaissance in Eastern Europe under the most unlikely conditions, women played indispensable roles in instigating the revolutions that shaped our people. When our women […]

Are You Messianic?

Despite the multiplicity and diversity of voices clamoring to assert their exclusive claim to being the true path, you can fit them all into one of two groups. One group seeks to explain the world as a random series of evens, a chaotic tapestry of experience that is not heading anywhere specific. The other group […]

We’re Getting There

Walking through legendary designer and social activist Bruce Mao’s recent exhibit at the Art Gallery of Ontario, I couldn’t help being swept up in the wave of inspired optimism that overcame me. The exhibit, aptly titled Massive Change, is part of a monumental project that Moa is undertaking, including a book, radio show, website and […]

Supernatural Disorder

Is it better to get high on spiritual revelation or to be practical and down to earth? Once upon a time, we experienced miracles as supernatural phenomena that were literally out of this world, blowing away the natural order and leaving an unmistakable and permanent mark on all who experienced them. The advantage of these […]

Can We Create Utopia

Judaism’s clear vision of a perfect world, a world that is free of competition, war, hunger, disease and the other ills that plague life on earth, has inspired many idealistic movements and utopian philosophies. The common thread running through all these philosophies is that true change can be affected by humanity itself. Through the efforts […]