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Disembodied Souls

Disembodied souls run naked screaming through the night but no one hears them save for the disenfranchised displaced persecuted poverty stricken righteous bandits living on the fringe of a four cornered blanket designed to harness the wild energy in the breeze but instead it is nailed down tight over the window lest some light shine […]

Is This Chaos?

What will the world today look like to a retrospective future generation? In twenty or fifty or one hundred years, what will the perspective that comes with time reveal about tragedies and opportunities facing humanity today? Will they look back and see a generation that failed – people too absorbed in their own little worlds […]

Alienation Syndrome

I wonder if anyone else notices the profound loneliness that seems to pervade, even define, contemporary society. Everyone is so busy making a living and trying to find happiness that no one has time for themselves or their own families, let alone anyone else. A half-hearted, cheerful greeting to a stranger feels like a feat […]

Seeking Harmony

Whether just to save face or because we really mean it, we all seem to favor peace and acceptance among the earth’s inhabitants, and we surely never readily admit that we are racist. But do the ideologies we espouse really facilitate the emergence of a reality in which we all live in harmony? In general, […]