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Infinite energy flows into the world from above yet we galavant around risking eternity in order to taste some half eaten half rotten fruits leaving no time for the many questions that need to be asked so we try to find another way out but the only way is in tune with the pulsating energy […]

Disembodied Souls

Disembodied souls run naked screaming through the night but no one hears them save for the disenfranchised displaced persecuted poverty stricken righteous bandits living on the fringe of a four cornered blanket designed to harness the wild energy in the breeze but instead it is nailed down tight over the window lest some light shine […]

Live Art

Which artistic medium is the most profound? a musician: there is no medium that communicates what is beyond the senses like the harmony and pure transcendence of music. a painter:there is no craft that captures the subtleties of spirit and emotion like the inimitable brushstrokes on a canvas. a photographer: there is no form that […]

Loving Eyes

How can I say goodbye to your loving eyes? How will I survive without your knowing smile? In dark times a mother’s sigh, In lighter days my spirit’s high. I prayed that your suffering be replaced by mine. Now answered, though not how I had in mind, without you I endure endless sleepless nights, yearning […]


Beauty is the transcendence of the spirit over the body. – The Rebbe

Love Life

am i alive how can i tell breathing is not a true sign merely the passage of air through mechanical ventricles chasing away death or pursuing it is not the answer what i am not does not define what i am seeking greatness is a pathetic illusion for if i exist for i is anything […]

You Can Do Anything

Nothing stands in the way of the will. The question isn’t who’s going to let you. The question is who’s going to stop you. – Michal Greenberg (my mother)

Rewriting the Past and Future

The past has passed; the future is not yet; the present is a fleeting moment. So why worry? – Avraham Ibn Ezra, 11th Century philosopher and poet The Past Has Passed Clearly, we are living in incredibly different times. The changes that have rocked the earth in the past century, the war, political upheavals and […]

With Your Own Eyes

How can I write about inherent limitations of human logic using the pen of reason and speaking to the mind’s eye? Blind fool! You have to see it with your own eyes. With Your Own Eyes Tell me what you can’t see. the subtle workings of leech metabolism machinations of the human brain the graceful […]