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Hack Your Self

Imagine if you could hack yourself. If you were to take a journey into the mainframe of your mind, what would it look like? Would you find the various components of the circuitry humming in harmony, or would you see a messy collection loose screws, stray wires and burned out pathways? Would the transformers all […]

Free Rein

Everyone knows what freedom is. Certainly if you read these pages regularly you know that it’s one of our favorite topics. Freedom, as broadly defined as possible, is a situation where I have the opportunity and the ability to achieve my potential. Everyone knows what choice is. Choice is when I have a decision to […]

Mixed Blessings

There was once an aspiring young rabbi – let’s call him Rabbi Black – who, upon graduation from rabbinical college, sought a prestigious position in an established synagogue. The only problem was that established synagogues were not looking for young rabbis with no experience. Eventually, the young rabbi settled for a low profile position in […]

Conquer the World

So you want to conquer the world, eh? Let me give you some advice. As an aspiring conqueror myself, having spent endless hours imagining how my being in control of this spinning planet and its inhabitants would make us all better off, let me share my wisdom with you. The first thing to consider is […]

What’s Your Story?

You don’t have to be famous to write your autobiography. In fact, you are writing it right now. You are writing it all the time. It might never make it to a bookstore near you, but you are working on a potential masterpiece at every moment. You’ve been working on it since the day you […]

Are You a Visionary?

I always accepted the age-old axiom that “seeing is believing.” It is difficult to argue with an even experienced or witnessed; no amount of rational manipulation or fancy sophistry can alter the facts once you’ve seen them with your own eyes. But apparently we can manipulate what we are and are not able to see […]

Got Wings?

In a world of diminishing ethical standards, it is difficult to write an editorial criticizing the idea of just doing the right thing. But I’m going to try anyways. False pluralism, moral relativism and the desperate grab for viewership in the face of increased competition from new media have pushed popular culture to new lows. […]

We Are the Aliens

The human obsession with things extraterrestrial has waxed and waned over the years, the constant companion of ideological upheaval and theological hegemony. In the 20th Century, with the discovery of what looked like planets orbiting distant sun-like stars, the search for ET took off in earnest. But the subsequent Moon and Mars missions, and extensive […]

The Case of Truth v. Kindness

Before it all began, in the supernal chamber up above, Truth challenged the existence of humanity. When Adam was about to be created, legend has it that Truth protested. “Why create a being so full of lies?” Indeed, it is a powerful argument. Like characters from more enlightened civilizations in a sci-fi film viewing the […]

Winds of Change

The world is changing. New technologies are plummeting us to lower depths of disconnectedness or propelling us greater heights of interactivity, depending who you ask. Power is shifting in the stage for global military and economic superiority. New paradigms are being created in virtually every field of inquiry before we even have time to adjust […]