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Imagining a Unified World

Imagine what the world would be like if people felt a genuine awareness of the common oneness that bonds all people. Imagine how different it would be. Would we wage war and use our resources to build weapons of mass destruction? Would we need police and courts to stop us from taking advantage of one […]

Tears of Stone

Standing at the top of the mountain, across the Western Wall Plaza, I can see thousands of people streaming in from all directions. Jews of all colors and manners of dress, and many non-Jews among them, make their way as if by some magnetic attraction, to the Western Wall. The evening sky is cool and […]

The Sheep

The sheep knows it is time to make a stand. The moment of truth has arrived. The wolves are approaching, thirsty for blood – the same blood the wolves and their ancestors have been spilling wantonly for centuries. History has an incredulous way of repeating itself, and at the same time professing innocence by reason […]

Doomsday Illusions

If you read the current predictions, it seems that 2012 is gearing up to be a gloomy year. We have doomsday predictions of an unrelenting Global Economic Crisis – that’s how they write it, with capital letters, because it looks more frightening that way, and scary stuff makes good news. On top of that, we […]

Wasted Words

In all the hype surrounding the upheaval in the Middle East and the latest political charades in the so-called peace process, I noticed a shocking level of illiteracy prevalent in the discussion by politicians, experts, and the media. So I thought maybe I would help clear the air by providing a few simple definitions that […]

Jerusalem Reunited

The curious thing about curious things (besides the fact that they are curious) is that they present an irresistible opportunity to glean insights that normal events just don’t inspire. Yes, we can learn lessons by analyzing even the most mundane events or phenomena. But there is something about curious things that tickles the imagination in […]

The Fallacy of Fantasy

Like most of the world, the situation in Israel has weighed heavily on my mind in the last few weeks. But because I’m currently in the middle of a one-year working hiatus in the Holy Land, I felt the anxiety much more intensely than ever before. Though the ancient city of Tsfat in northern Israel […]


As far as human morality has evolved, it seems that the world has basically gotten it right over the past few decades. Human rights are valued and (at least in theory) protected. We have an organization called the United Nations that is supposed to sow the seeds of peace and brotherhood among all humanity. Fascism […]

War Within

“Will your brothers go to war while you remain here?” These were the words of Moses to the group of Israelites who wanted to settle on the east side of the Jordan River before the conquest of Canaan. These words resonate powerfully today when we consider the terror facing our brothers and sisters in Israel […]

The Battle for Jerusalem

Jerusalem is under attack. Every day, fearless marauders seek to infiltrate and bomb its dedicated, peaceful citizens. At every opportunity, the so-called academics and intelligentsia of a phantom people seek to undermine the legitimacy of the Jews’ connection to their homeland while they deceptively promote it as their own. And the elected leaders of Israel […]