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The War is Over

  I look around and see a world at war with itself. It is a war between the body and the soul — not just the body and soul within the individual, but the body and soul of all things, of every experience, of every opportunity, of every art, or every movement, of every aspect […]

Finding Direction

A young man came to his rabbi looking for a wife. The rabbi arranged for the young man to meet a several fine young woman as potential matches, but he was not satisfied. In each of the women he immediately found a fault that made her undesirable.” “I think you need to focus on becoming […]

Can We Become Like G-d?

Beyond the thunder and lightning, the fireworks, the booming voice and the sudden whitening of Charlton Heston’s beard, what exactly happened at Mount Sinai when the Ten Commandments and the Torah were revealed? The Midrash Tanchuma describes it as follows: Once there was a king who decreed: The people of Rome are forbidden to go […]