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Let the Sun Shine

By default, the sun emanates light. The circumstances through which the light is blocked are all external obstacles – whether they be natural or man-made. As long as there is some obstacle between me and the sun, the light will never shine on me. I definitely want to let more light into my life. Who […]

Speeding Through Eden

It is a typical scenario, one that probably plays itself out thousands of times a day. I miss the exit on the highway, and drive along for twenty minutes oblivious to the fact that I am now heading away from my intended destination. A kernel of frustration brews within me as I realize my predicament. […]

The Bridge

The Festival of Liberation and the Exodus from Egypt captures the imagination like no other historical event. It engrosses millions of television viewers around the world every year to watch a corny, melodramatic movie, compels academics to dig eagerly in the dessert like schoolchildren in a sandbox and inspires countless depictions and studies by filmmakers, […]

Freedom to What?

We live in perhaps one of the freest societies in the history of the world. But are we truly free? If we define freedom as the absence of restriction, then perhaps we can say that we are indeed free. With enough cash and free time, we can pretty much pursue any fantasy we want. But […]

Justice for the Free

What is the ultimate state of existence that we could comfortably describe as being just for all humanity? This question is at the root of all systems of ethical philosophy. The answers they provide are predicated on presupposed norms that differ depending on how one views another elusive aspect of the human quest: Freedom. Justice […]