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Doorways of Perception

Solid revelation abounds, if only you look.” These words were scrawled in large block letters using white chalk on a brick wall in Burlington, Vermont, where I spent a couple of weeks a while back. To this day, the image remains firmly embedded in my conscious mind. I have no idea who wrote it, or […]

Mission (im)Possible

Does the world love the Jews or hate the Jews? They hate to love us, and they love to hate us. On the one hand, the entire basis of world civilization and almost anything decent that it has to offer stems from thinkers, both Jew and gentile, who borrowed (or outright stole) from Judaism. And […]

Spiritual Pyromania

Imagine if you could experience your wedding day every day… Chanukah offers a tremendous opportunity to meditate by the lights of the menorah, and the flame of a candle makes a beautiful visual analogy for the experience of life on earth. If you stare into the flame of an oil lamp or candle, you become […]

Jewish History: The Impossible Journey

When Blaise Pascal, the 17th Century French rational philosopher, was asked to provide evidence for the existence of the supernatural, his response to King Louis was, “The Jews, Your Majesty, the Jews.” Any objective analysis of world history, whether it focuses on the probability criteria of logical mathematics or on the methodical examinations of postmodern […]