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Doorways of Perception

Solid revelation abounds, if only you look.” These words were scrawled in large block letters using white chalk on a brick wall in Burlington, Vermont, where I spent a couple of weeks a while back. To this day, the image remains firmly embedded in my conscious mind. I have no idea who wrote it, or […]

The Perils of Choice

In 21st Century life, choice dominates every area of life. In the east, people are organizing and rebelling against tyrants and injustice because they want the power to make their own choices. (What exactly those choices will be is a matter for another discussion.) In the west, people are choosing new and improved gadgets, phone […]

Got Time?

There may soon come a day when humanity makes the unimaginable technological advancement that will enable us to produce time. Today, we exert the vast majority of our energy to get the mundane things – work, finances, chores – out of the way, in order to makeroom for important things – family, friends, study, meaning, […]

Blame it on the Moon

There are situations of such twisted and inexplicable darkness, and we want to know why. Why? Why now? Why ever? It would be so much simpler if we knew where to place the blame. As if blaming makes sense of it. A sick man kills and dismembers a little boy within his own community. A […]

Inner Sanctuary

How can I know if I have a healthy relationship with the world? This crazy world that seems to be spinning to an increasingly absurd and chaotic tune, when all my inner being wants is some peace and a sense of purpose in it all – how am I supposed to relate to it? From […]

Hack Your Self

Imagine if you could hack yourself. If you were to take a journey into the mainframe of your mind, what would it look like? Would you find the various components of the circuitry humming in harmony, or would you see a messy collection loose screws, stray wires and burned out pathways? Would the transformers all […]

Mixed Blessings

There was once an aspiring young rabbi – let’s call him Rabbi Black – who, upon graduation from rabbinical college, sought a prestigious position in an established synagogue. The only problem was that established synagogues were not looking for young rabbis with no experience. Eventually, the young rabbi settled for a low profile position in […]

Conquer the World

So you want to conquer the world, eh? Let me give you some advice. As an aspiring conqueror myself, having spent endless hours imagining how my being in control of this spinning planet and its inhabitants would make us all better off, let me share my wisdom with you. The first thing to consider is […]

What’s Your Story?

You don’t have to be famous to write your autobiography. In fact, you are writing it right now. You are writing it all the time. It might never make it to a bookstore near you, but you are working on a potential masterpiece at every moment. You’ve been working on it since the day you […]

Jerusalem Reunited

The curious thing about curious things (besides the fact that they are curious) is that they present an irresistible opportunity to glean insights that normal events just don’t inspire. Yes, we can learn lessons by analyzing even the most mundane events or phenomena. But there is something about curious things that tickles the imagination in […]