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Imagining a Unified World

Imagine what the world would be like if people felt a genuine awareness of the common oneness that bonds all people. Imagine how different it would be. Would we wage war and use our resources to build weapons of mass destruction? Would we need police and courts to stop us from taking advantage of one […]

Tears of Stone

Standing at the top of the mountain, across the Western Wall Plaza, I can see thousands of people streaming in from all directions. Jews of all colors and manners of dress, and many non-Jews among them, make their way as if by some magnetic attraction, to the Western Wall. The evening sky is cool and […]

The War is Over

  I look around and see a world at war with itself. It is a war between the body and the soul — not just the body and soul within the individual, but the body and soul of all things, of every experience, of every opportunity, of every art, or every movement, of every aspect […]

Letter From a Former Prisoner

I am a prisoner. I didn’t do anything wrong. All I did was dream. I dreamt there was something more. I dreamt I would somehow become more than the sum of my parts. I dreamt the potential I felt within would find a place in this world. But then reality set in. The cold reality […]

Beyond the Stars

People like reading their horoscopes, getting feedback from psychics, astrologers and other spiritualists, and looking for clues to their nature and destiny in Torah codes, tea leaves and tarot cards. Some of these modalities are legit and kosher. Some are pagan and idolatrous. All of them are dangerous. The same can be said for life […]

Show Me the Money

Money and toilet paper have a few things in common: It is considered impolite, even uncultured, to speak about them openly in public. Nevertheless, both are necessary parts of life that everyone has to deal with. And if you need some and you don’t have any, you’re in deep trouble.   The Rebbe once visited […]


Infinite energy flows into the world from above yet we galavant around risking eternity in order to taste some half eaten half rotten fruits leaving no time for the many questions that need to be asked so we try to find another way out but the only way is in tune with the pulsating energy […]

The Sheep

The sheep knows it is time to make a stand. The moment of truth has arrived. The wolves are approaching, thirsty for blood – the same blood the wolves and their ancestors have been spilling wantonly for centuries. History has an incredulous way of repeating itself, and at the same time professing innocence by reason […]

Educating the Child

One of the greatest paradoxes in education, whether it comes to educating others or educating oneself on the path to of personal growth and enlightenment, is the struggle between quantity and quality. Indeed the paradox extends to almost every area of life, from relationships to career development: Should I amass volume by striving to accomplish […]

Who Do You Hate?

“What’s your problem, anyways? If something bothers you so much, if something disgusts you so much, it’s inside you, man. You think it’s out there, but really it’s in you. You know, you can only really smell your own garbage.” Sometimes you hear certain words that resonate so intensely, for good or for bad, that […]