Monthly Archives: October 2005

Coming Out of the Closet

I have a confession to make: I have idols in my closet. When no one is looking, I worship these idols, place myself under their dominion, and wait for them to answer my prayers. Sometimes, I am not even aware of the power they hold over me. I am unaffected by their increasingly outrageous demands. […]

Loving Eyes

How can I say goodbye to your loving eyes? How will I survive without your knowing smile? In dark times a mother’s sigh, In lighter days my spirit’s high. I prayed that your suffering be replaced by mine. Now answered, though not how I had in mind, without you I endure endless sleepless nights, yearning […]

You, See

Two indescribable tragedies were witnessed in the last couple of months. Thousands of Jews were forcibly expelled from their homes by their own brethren, 1800 families uprooted from their land, and a nation torn apart in the process. In New Orleans, an entire city sunk under water, destroying lives and killing unknown thousands of people. […]