Monthly Archives: December 2004

Love Life

am i alive how can i tell breathing is not a true sign merely the passage of air through mechanical ventricles chasing away death or pursuing it is not the answer what i am not does not define what i am seeking greatness is a pathetic illusion for if i exist for i is anything […]

The Eleventh Element

Reflecting on the historical background of Chanukah, the battle between the soul and the mind, and its connection to the current dramas unfolding in the world… Why does it seem like the negative powers in the world, the evil forces and individuals that pursue paths of death and destruction, have a hand up on the […]

Spiritual Pyromania

Imagine if you could experience your wedding day every day… Chanukah offers a tremendous opportunity to meditate by the lights of the menorah, and the flame of a candle makes a beautiful visual analogy for the experience of life on earth. If you stare into the flame of an oil lamp or candle, you become […]