Monthly Archives: October 2004

You Can Do Anything

Nothing stands in the way of the will. The question isn’t who’s going to let you. The question is who’s going to stop you. – Michal Greenberg (my mother)

What is Disengagement?

Disengagement. It sounds very definitive, almost like the proclamation of a new course of action, a strategy for ending the war in Israel. But what is this plan, how did it come about, and – most importantly – where is it taking us? First of all, we have to clarify the fact that there was […]

Rewriting the Past and Future

The past has passed; the future is not yet; the present is a fleeting moment. So why worry? – Avraham Ibn Ezra, 11th Century philosopher and poet The Past Has Passed Clearly, we are living in incredibly different times. The changes that have rocked the earth in the past century, the war, political upheavals and […]